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The advent of online video changed everything for us. In fact, it made us possible.
Since 2000, we’ve been live streaming meetings. However, the origins can be traced back much further.


The origins of live streaming meetings

United States President Harry S. Truman gave an important speech in 1951. Delivered at the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference, it ended America’s post-World War II occupation of Japan.

The speech also marked the first time a television program was broadcast from coast to coast (87 stations in 47 cities). It used microwave technology – an innovation at the time.

Another forty-four years would pass before live streaming (as we know it) took off. However, things escalated quickly.

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Buffering through time


Progressive Networks facilitate the world’s first live streamed event. It was a broadcast of the Seattle Mariners vs. New York Yankees.

1998 launches. The DVD format was only a year old at this point.


Widespread video hits the internet with an AVI from USA’s Comedy Central.


Public-i was formed to help local government stay transparent and accountable.


We live streamed the Labour party conference with our event webcasting service.


Camden Council became our first contracted client. The Council is still with us today, along with 85% of local authorities who use a webcasting provider.


Public-i introduced a choice of streaming: Real or Windows.


YouTube was launched to share videos.

live streaming meetings


Public-i develop a mobile streaming solution.


BBC launch iPlayer and Netflix introduce their video-on-demand service.


Public-i hit over 2000 live streams.


We integrated Connect webcasting services with the Modern.Gov committee management solution.

CMIS integration would follow.


We integrated popular social media feeds into Connect to help clients reach more people.

live streaming meetings


The Local Audit and Accountability Act is amended, allowing the public to film and report on council meetings.

Police and Crime Commissioners are elected. Sussex PCC begin streaming their Performance and Accountability meetings soon after.


We make things easier. AV integration, tablet control, automated slides and auto-archiving become core features of Connect.

Public-i develop dual-language webcasting. Carmarthenshire County Council are the first Council to webcast meetings in Welsh and English.


Public-i develop Connect Anywhere, Xpress and Pay-as-you-go. The aim was to make live streaming meetings mobile and affordable.

live streaming meetings


Twitter’s Periscope live streaming app is born.


Public-i moves over to a HTML5 player – removing the need for Flash plugins for most viewers.

Facebook’s live streaming facility becomes Facebook Live. Chewbacca Mom breaks streaming records.

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Agile development continues. We integrate with Facebook Live, create a solution for boardroom meetings and find an easier way to manage meetings.

Want to speak to a member of our team about live streaming? Fancy shaping future development? Get in touch.

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