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Display voting results in real time

SpaceManager works with the Bosch DICENTIS wireless and Televic Cocon system to manage speakers and display voting results in real-time. The software presents votes results and meetings information in a clear and simple interface.

Manage voting

SpaceManager allows the meeting operator to create and run a vote on the Bosch DICENTIS or Televic Cocon units and display results in real-time. Operation is straightforward and SpaceManager’s responsive graphics allow vote results to be shown on screens in the meeting room. Results can be easily exported to PDF or Excel.

Keep discussions to time

SpaceManager features a speech timer which displays clearly on the screens in the room. Colour coded, the timer ensures that speakers are kept to time. Thanks to its responsive design, the timer is clearly visible on any size screen, meaning external timers are not needed. Operators can run the meeting simply from their position in the chamber.

Manage speakers & microphones

SpaceManager allows you to create, save and load room layouts to easily start a meeting, manage attendance and speakers queues.

When a participant is speaking, the name will be displayed on the screen.

‘We designed SpaceManager as a way of consolidating systems. It improves the task of running meetings’

Adam Jones

SpaceManager Product Owner

Simple and visible

Features and benefits of using SpaceManager:

  • Integrated with Bosch Dicentis and Televic Cocon

  • Create, save, run and display vote results in real time

  • Calculated vote totals

  • Analyse and export voting results on PDF or Excel

  • Set up meeting layouts

  • Manage current speakers and speaker queue

  • Compatible with room displays

  • Speech timer with simple, clear display

  • Simple visual summaries and clear visual design

SpaceManager is available alongside new conference microphone systems or as a standalone product to work with an existing system.


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