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Connect Anywhere

The single camera webcasting solution for district, borough or town councils, or small committees

In a nutshell

Stream your meeting from a Windows laptop or tablet. Simply connect a camera and microphone, connect to any internet connection and start streaming to your audience

connect microsite fully resposible and accessible

Your meeting

Hold your meeting as normal

Connect Anywhere software

Capture and stream the meeting with any internet connection, mic and webcam

Your branded microsite

Your audience can watch live or on-demand via the archive


Connect Anywhere is beneficial both for organisations new to webcasting and our existing clients

New to webcasting?

  • Great way to start streaming meetings
  • Pay as you go option
  • No installation costs
  • Capture from any room using internet or 4G
full list of features

Already webcasting with us?

  • Use as additional way to capture smaller meetings
  • Use hours on your Connect contract
  • No installation costs
  • Capture from any room using internet or 4G
full list of features

Stockport representative

“I can’t speak highly enough of this solution. Dead easy, dead straightforward. You’re able to webcast anything, anywhere: it is what is says on the box.”

Stockport health and wellbeing board webcast


Connect Anywhere is made to be simple to setup and use

1. Create branded website

Provide us your branding and we’ll create a bespoke player page to stream your meetings to.
screenshot of webcast branded microsite

2. Download and setup software

Download and install your version of Anywhere directly to any Windows laptop.
  • Use your own laptop/camera or buy a laptop from us pre-configured

3. Book your meeting

Once installed you can book your meeting directly from the software or admin portal.
  • Modern.Gov or CMIS integration (sync meeting data)
  • Social media integration (Facebook live, YouTube live, automatic alerts)
  • Feedback notifications

4. Setup hardware

All you need is a laptop or tablet, a webcam and a way to capture audio.
  • Option to plug in professional audio
  • Talk focus for audio solutions for your boardroom

5. Capture and stream

Set speakers, agenda points and slides while streaming live with any Internet connection
  • Use anywhere – just need internet acces (wifi or 4g)
  • Use any Windows laptop or tablet
  • Capture audio and video
connect microsite fully resposible and accessible

6. Engage

Audience can view live or archive on any device
  • Navigate video with interactive agenda
  • Responsive – view on any device
  • Watch live or on demand
webcasting services & audio visual hardware

Phone, remote and knowledge base support

Our helpful service desk team can assist you with your queries

Learn more

Call an expert on +44 (0)1273 821282