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The fixed webcasting solution

The complete Connect streaming system that can be fully customised and easily concealed

Connect FX850 kit

The FX850 comes with the full Connect software suite. This is our fixed, most powerful solution which has all functionality and features. It’s most commonly found in Council Chambers and large committee rooms.

Tablet remote control

The FX850 can be concealed in a different room or a in a cupboard. It integrates with your microphone system and presentation inputs so it is mostly automatic.

The operator or clerk only requires a tablet to control the start and stop of the webcast and optionally tag the agenda of the webcast. They can do this while sitting anywhere in the meeting room.

Integration with microphone systems

Our FX850 rack can be customised to integrate with your microphone system (new or existing). This means that cameras will instantly track the current speaker.

Just-in-time slides capture

The FX850 also captures slides automatically, by integrating seamlessly with existing presentation solutions. No actions needed.

Multiple languages

Our solutions allows capturing multiple audio languages (for example Welsh and English) with the same video. The end user can then select the audio stream that is relevant to them.

Conwy Council website in Welsh Conwy Council website in English
AV control panel CameraControl screenshot showing Creston integration for meeting room layout and camera control

Crestron & AMX integration

Extra integration can be done with touch-screen interfaces (Crestron, AMX).

Public-i also provides AV solutions, visit our AV Solutions page to learn more.

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