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Does your council webcast?

We help over 100 clients stay accessible, transparent and accountable with local authority streaming.

The public can view the live or archived webcast on any device

Why webcasting?

Livestreaming allows local authorities to demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability for all residents. It encourages engagement and debate. Thanks to features such as subtitling, councils can reach high accessibility standards.

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Benefits of webcasting for local authorities

  • Reaches your digital audience
  • Encourages engagement and debate
  • Creates accessible meetings with subtitles and transcription
  • Demonstrates a commitment to accountability and transparency

Why Public-i?

Public-i pioneered local government streaming, helping our first council webcast in 2000. We have a deep understanding of the needs of the local government sector and we work closely with local authorities to develop solutions that make meetings better.

Webcasting solutions


Our automatic meeting transcription feature means that each meeting has a full, searchable transcript available on archive. This saves time when minute taking and responding to FOI requests. The transcript can be displayed as subtitles: helping to create accessible meetings.

We offer a dual-language facility for Welsh clients who need to simultaneously provide facilities for Welsh and English speakers, too.

Save on resources

Connect Webcasting works with Modern.Gov and CMIS, the leading providers in paperless governance, to simplify all aspects of meeting management. Webcast booking syncs automatically from the committee management system, and all documents, agenda points and metadata is automatically synced too.

Our camera tracking solution automates with all up-to-date microphone systems, meaning that the camera focuses on the live-speaker automatically. There’s no need for an operator.

Bespoke features

Every local authority is different. That’s why we offer truly bespoke features to suit each client. For example:

  • Connect webcasting is adaptable and scalable: it can suit any size room or meeting. It can even be portable; so can serve multiple spaces.
  • Our dual-language webcasting is bespoke for Welsh speakers.
  • We supply new, and integrate with existing, conference microphone systems from all leading manufacturers.
  • We’re experts in working in heritage spaces.

Our customers say it best

“In the many years we’ve been using Public-i’s webcasting system, I am pleased to say the service received has been excellent. I do not believe that there is another webcasting company that could offer us more.”

Committee Services ManagerCamden Council

“I can’t speak highly enough of this solution. Dead easy, dead straightforward. You’re able to webcast anything, anywhere: it is what is says on the box.”

Stockport Representative

“RMT has enjoyed an extremely positive relationship with Public-i who have consistently delivered a reliable live streaming service that fully meets all RMT requirements.”

Andrew BrattleRMT Web Editor

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We understand the difficulty of dealing with multiple suppliers for your infrastructure. That’s why we offer a “One-Stop-Shop” solution of streaming and audio visual hardware.

We’d love to talk to you more about our expertise.

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