Webcasting services

Connect is a tool that facilitates the capture and stream of video, through a simple and flexible booking system. Our webcasting services integrate with your hardware and software to provide a rich streaming solution.

1. Capture

Record your way

Every meeting is different. That’s why we offer a range of different webcasting options. In addition to the full Connect webcasting suite – available with fixed or mobile hardware – we’ve developed several additional ways to record meetings.

Connect Audio lets you livestream audio from a mobile device. Connect Anywhere captures video and audio on the move.

webcasting services
webcasting services

Save resource

Finding meeting resource isn’t easy – that’s why we’ve simplified things.

Developed with leading audio providers, our cameras respond automatically to live microphones.

You can now control the meeting via tablet, from anywhere in the room.

We continue to develop our webcasting services to make meetings easier.

A solution for all sizes and situations

The complete streaming solution

  • Integration with Modern.Gov or CMIS
  • Access to Connect admin
  • Connect webcaster full version
  • Camera automation option
  • Remote control option
  • Post production ability
  • Fully responsive player view
  • HD streaming option
  • Slides Capture
  • Live & Local Streaming
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Local Editing and Playback
  • Transcription

A portable streaming option

Connect Anyware
  • Integration with Modern.Gov or CMIS
  • Booking direct from application
  • Camera preview window
  • Audio monitor
  • Slides Desktop Capture
  • Live & Local Streaming
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Local Editing and Playback
  • Transcription

Audio webcasting

  • Integration with Modern.Gov or CMIS
  • Audio Monitor
  • Slides Desktop Capture
  • Live & Local Audio Streaming
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Local Editing and Playback
  • Transcription

Do you need to capture group discussions? Get a closer view with our InCamera product.

Cornwall Council

“Our webcasts have proved so popular that local media outlets now host them on their own websites too.”

webcasting services

2. Stream

Best user experience

The site will mirror your corporate “look and feel” – designed to play on all browsers and devices.

Viewers can toggle between standard and high definition and watch slides move automatically alongside with the video.

Looking to elevate your online meeting? Connect webcasting services offer the richest user experience available.

webcasting services
webcasting services & audio visual hardware

Real-time support

Support is a fundamental part of Connect webcasting services.

Our expert service desk will test the system before every one of your meetings.

Phone, email or instant messenger – someone is always there to help.

Need remote support? Our messenger service is available on tablet.

3. Engage

Capture the conversation

Connect webcasting services incorporate popular social media like Facebook and Twitter.

You can encourage viewers to share content, without worrying it will be taken out of context.

The webcasting services have additional live chat features that can be used to stimulate even more debate.

webcasting services
webcasting services

Reach more people

Automated tweets alert your followers when a meeting starts or an agenda is discussed. Monitor viewership and interactions with the statistical suite. Make meetings accessible with transcription and subtitling. Attract more people and expand your network with the subscription feature.

South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat

“Whether citizens are just getting online or are already established there, the webcasts provide an attractive and user-friendly opportunity for engaging with public authorities.”

webcasting services

Call to learn more about our webcasting services.

It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Need advice on AV? We provide audio hardware, support and maintenance.