Hybrid council meetings

Linking meeting participants in the council chamber with remote participants on video conference

What is a hybrid meeting?

A hybrid meeting contains a mix of remote and physically present participants.  Our meeting solution which facilitates this is called Connect Hybrid. This works with any video conferencing software, such as Connect Remote, Zoom, Teams or Webex. Of course, it is also fully compatible with Connect webcasting. Connect Hybrid allows all participants to be involved in the meeting, however they join.
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chamber participants can see and hear remote participants on screen and remote participants can see and hear chamber participants. The public can see them all on the live webcast

Participants can see and hear each other

Hybrid meeting with remote participant on screen
Participants in the council chamber can see the remote participants using large visual displays and hear them through the in-room audio.
Hybrid meeting remote participant can see chamber speaker
Remote participants can see a wideshot of the chamber. When a participant in the chamber speaks, the cameras focuses on them and their name is displayed.

Webcast your hybrid meetings

Hybrid meeting operator can manage the meeting and the webcast using one solution, SpaceManager
The operator in the council chamber can easily manage the live webcast view.
The public can view the live or archived webcast on any device
Members of the public can access the live or archived webcast anywhere on any device.
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Scrutiny and Systems manager

“[Connect Hybrid] worked wonderfully. It’s a really good kit: really easy to use and everyone seemed impressed with it.”

Wolverhampton case study

Connect Hybrid install

Connect hybrid is simple to install and works with any video conference system. Connect hybrid enables councils to webcast their hybrid meetings easily, and can even support dual-language meetings.

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Hybrid Link

For the best hybrid meeting experience, Hybrid Link brings together Connect Remote and SpaceManager to create one, easy-to-use platform for hosting hybrid council meetings. One moderator can manage both meetings, the speakers queue, unified voting and the webcast.

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Hybrid solutions

Connect Hybrid

Hybrid Link

Enables all participants to attend safely

Both types of participants can hear and see each other

Webcast your meetings on your website and social media channels

Compatible with Connect Webcasting

Compatible with Teams, Zoom and Webex

One moderator to manage all (remote, in-room and webcast)

Voting integration

One speakers’ list for all attendees

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