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Now integrates with Microsoft Teams!

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Now integrates with Microsoft Teams!

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What is HybridLink?

HybridLink brings together SpaceManager with Connect Remote and Microsoft Teams to create one, easy-to-use platform for hosting hybrid council meetings. That is, meetings where some participants are in the council chamber and others are joining remotely.

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Why use HybridLink?

Hybrid meetings offer people the chance to attend meetings in a way which is suitable for their circumstances. HybridLink facilitates these meetings with all the features of a traditional council meeting. Most importantly, it offers a great user experience for all attendees: remote or present.


Only one operator is needed to manage a hybrid meeting. HybridLink integrates with Connect Remote and allows the operator to open and manage the virtual room with full meeting functionality. HybridLink fully integrates with Teams and Connect Webcasting, too.

No additional hardware needed

HybridLink integrates with the Bosch Dicentis and Televic Cocon conference systems, so there is no need to change your pre-existing hardware. In-chamber participants do not need to bring their own devices (which avoids bandwidth or device compatibility issues).

Simplified voting

With HybridLink, all attendees can vote at the same time using the same system. In-chamber attendees vote using their conference microphones as usual; remote participants vote through their video conference tool. The results are clearly displayed and automatically tallied.

Speaker queue management

The operator can see all participants – remote and local – and manage speakers. The queue is visible for participants in the room and remote attendees can see their position in the queue.

Multilingual hybrid meetings

Using Connect Remote multi-language feature, we can also make hybrid meetings work for Welsh local authorities who require dual-language meetings to be simultaneously available in Welsh and English.

Dual langiage - live translation on Connect Remote desktop

Now integrates with Teams!

HybridLink is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. Remote attendees joining on Teams can interact with participants in the chamber, join the queue of active speakers and vote electronically by clicking on a chat message.

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Benefits of HybridLink

  • Meetings can be run by a single operator

  • Remote attendees are not disadvantaged

  • Easy integration with Connect Webcasting

  • Automates with CMIS and all attendees can access meeting resources and agendas

  • Fully automated voting

  • One speaker queue for both types of participants

  • Participants can join the meeting from anywhere with a laptop or dial in with a phone

  • Smooth user experience for all attendees

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