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Solutions to make local authority meetings better

From traditional, remote or hybrid council meetings, to audio visual systems and events


Livestreamed council meetings foster openness, transparency and engagement in the decision-making process.


Livestreaming allows local authorities to demonstrate a commitment to openness for all residents. Features such as subtitling and transcription enable councils to meet high accessibility standards.


Local residents can access and take part in council meetings from any device, anywhere, anytime. Transparent meetings encourage participation.


Connect Webcasting is fully automated and does not require extra resources thanks to camera tracking and meeting booking synchronisation.

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connect microsite fully resposible and accessible

Remote meetings

Many councils now hold remote meetings. A range of video conferencing platforms such as Teams and Zoom can be used, but Public-i’s own Connect Remote is a solution especially for Council meetings, with key features for local democracy.

Simple to use

Remote participants need to be able to be heard and seen from any device without too much complexity. Members of the public should also be able to participate without the need to install complicated software.

Powerful controls

Formal meetings require speaker management where moderators can control the microphone and video of participants. It is also important that votes are carried out without the need to do a roll call which can be time-consuming.

Public transparency

The online meetings need to also be available for the public to watch. Viewers should be able to access meeting information in a straightforward, user-friendly way.

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Hybrid meetings

Combining remote and present attendees in one place for straightforward and productive hybrid meetings

Remote and local participants

Hybrid meeting attendees need to get the same meeting experience however they join. Remote participants shouldn’t be disadvantaged.

Easy to operate

Hybrid meetings need to be straightforward for a single operator to manage across both types of participant.

Effective meetings

Functionality such as voting, speech timers and speaker queues, plus full integration with committee management systems and webcasting creates effective hybrid meetings.

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Meeting space solutions

Meeting management software, audio-visual hardware and system maintenance for better local government meetings

AV hardware supply and installation

Public-i’s skilled design and engineer teams are experts in AV for local government. From conference microphones to screens, we work with leading suppliers and manufacturers.

Better communication

Our range of meeting management software enables meetings to be more efficient and easier to run. Software integrates with existing camera systems and conference microphones to ensure great communication for all meetings.


We service and maintain AV systems for local government clients across the UK.

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Event livestreaming and AV hire

Public-i provide event services to local authorities and other public sector organisations.

Widen participation

Livestreaming meetings or events makes them more accessible and reaches a wider audience. It is easy to share livestreamed content via social media to get more people involved.

Create accessible meetings

Transcription, subtitling and optional discussion forum makes events accessible to those not in the room. Meetings can be watched back via archive, too.

Full AV system hire

Public-i can supply a range of AV hardware for hire: microphones, screens or PA systems.

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