Meeting transcription and subtitling

Our sector-leading meeting transcription and subtitling technology helps to increase accessibility, widen reach and engage more people in civic content.

1 in 6 of the UK population has a hearing impairment.

Meeting transcription and subtitling ensure that these viewers don’t miss out.

Accessible meetings

Subtitles and transcription are great for creating accessible meetings.

As well as those who have hearing impairments, subtitles are useful for people with other sensory processing disorders or those who speak English as an additional language.

We know that people increasingly access content on the move and that the majority of video is watched without audio. Subtitles allow people to view meetings wherever they are – even if they can’t use sound.

Efficient minute taking

Transcription is an invaluable tool for Democratic Services officers with scarce time and resources.

The automated transcript is accurate enough to create summary minutes quickly and easily. For verbatim minutes, our DIY or professional correction options are simple to use.

Additionally, the fully searchable transcript means that responding to FOI requests is now much easier; just enter a keyword and go.

Transcription correction

We know that our clients will use transcripts and subtitles for different things. That’s why we offer three correction options.

Automated transcription

  • Free for all webcasting clients
  • High level of accuracy for summary minutes
  • Automatically created using sector-leading speech-to-text software
  • Fully searchable transcript with responsive player
  • Accessed through the secure admin area, publishable with a click of a button


  • Easy to use correction software with a yearly license
  • Correct unlimited transcripts yourself
  • Word plug-in allows multiple people to correct at once
  • Retain timestamps so that subtitles continue to sync with video
  • Speed up correction with optional foot pedal

Professional correction

  • Send transcripts for professional correction
  • 48-hour turnaround time
  • Accurate verbatim transcript
  • Low cost, calculated per hour of footage

Here’s what our clients say:

“We have been incredibly impressed with the accuracy of the transcription feature which has now allowed us to respond positively to those repeated requests for us improve the accessibility of the democratic process to residents who are deaf or hard of hearing, through the subtitling of our archived webcasts. Moreover, it has improved our ability as practitioners to accurately and speedily produce minutes of meetings. While the transcription service can never be substitute for a democratic services officer, it is an effective tool to assist us in an increasingly pressurised and time-sensitive workplace.”

Damian Eaton, Democratic Services – Stockport MBC

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