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Plug & Play Webcasting

A simple, low-cost solution for live-streaming and recording hybrid meetings. Ideal for small committees and district, borough or town councils.

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Why use StreamBox

If you are new to webcasting, StreamBox is your perfect entry point.

  • Quick and seamless setup.
  • No installation costs.
  • Flexible rental options and top-ups.
  • Webcast from any room using 4G or your cabled internet connection.
  • Stream hybrid meetings with any VC system.
  • Includes a fully customised, accessible website.

If you’re already webcasting with us, use StreamBox as an additional way to capture smaller meetings anywhere.

StreamBox is our most portable webcasting system. Just bring the box to any room, place the intelligent cameras, and start webcasting your meetings!

1/ Hardware

The Box

StreamBox is a compact solution, housing a mini PC with a built-in 10-inch touchscreen in a lightweight, durable case, 4G connectivity and spare HDMI ports for external screens and devices. The system is easily portable and quick to set up, with no installation costs, without compromising on performance and features.

The Cameras

StreamBox includes two intelligent cameras, the Meeting Owl 3. These 360-degree cameras come with integrated microphones and speakers, automatically zooming in on the speaker, offering a live view of up to three participants speaking simultaneously.

Flexible Configuration

A single Meeting Owl Camera can support up to 10 in-room participants. And for larger meetings of up to 20 in-room participants, simply add a second Meeting Owl.

Additionally, you can seamesly host hybrid meetings to include remote participants. StreamBox is compatible with any video conference system.

The power of AI-driven 360 camera technology combined with our seamless hybrid and streaming capabilities makes the StreamBox a cutting-edge, plug and play solution that will take your small committees to the next level.

Stephane LefevreHead of Product Development

2/ Software

Booking System

With Connect Webcasting you can effortlessly schedule meetings, add agenda points, and include all the necessary resources, making the process straightforward. Additionally, for added convenience, Connect Webcasting integrates with Modern.Gov and CMIS, which syncs all documents, agenda points, speakers profiles and metadata automatically, and allows meetings to be webcast directly on your official website.
Note: integration with Decisions coming soon!

Webcast Management

With Connect StreamBox, the operator can control the webcast, live stream or record the meeting, manage and tag agenda points and documents, and access live chat support, all with a single tap.

You can connect an additional laptop with any video conferencing system (Teams, Connect Remote, Webex, Google Meet,…) to easily host hybrid meetings and manage the webcast view (in-room, remote or a PIP of both).

StreamBox Hybrid setup

The Webcast

A fully branded and customisable microsite is incuded:

  • Responsive  and user friendly design.
  • Live or on-demand streaming with 1 year archive.
  • Access to agenda points, documents, presentations, speakers profiles.
  • Integration with social media.
  • Fully accessible, with live subtitles and accessibility statement.

Real-time support

StreamBox connects automatically to the Public-i helpdesk. You can message our expert technicians during the webcast via the Messenger tool provided to test your system and monitor your live stream in real time. Phone and email support are also available.

And it’s low cost!

StreamBox offers affordability without compromising quality. Pay a low annual or monthly fee to rent the hardware and access real-time support. Monthly costs can be as low as £667.

Technical specifications

  • Mini PC with Intel i5 2.5GHz CPU and built-in 10-inch touchscreen.
  • 2 x Meeting Owl 3 intelligent 360-degree camera, microphone and speaker. Capture up to 3 speakers with headshots automatically.
  • 4G mobile internet embedded router (multi sim card included which connects to the best operator in your area), 8Mbps max upload speed.
  • Ethernet port for reliable wired internet (optional but recommended).
  • HDMI-in port to enable audio/video capture from a PC/laptop (hybrid mode only).
  • USB3 to provide local audio/video to a PC/laptop (hybrid mode only).
  • HDMI-out port to repeat the PC/Laptop video on an external screen (hybrid mode only).

StreamBox is built on top of the tried and tested Public-i Connect platform. It is composed of 3 main components:

  • Public customisable website (hosted on Amazon cloud) allows the non participating public to see and subscribe to the list of meetings and watch the meetings on live or archive (for up to 1 year).
  • Admin area to the public website. Book meetings or sync them from a 3rd party website (Modern Gov, CMIS). Administer the site and check viewership or transcriptions of the meetings.
  • PC software runs on the StreamBox hardware in kiosk mode for simplicity. Select the booked meeting, start it and control the agenda and the hybrid view for the public. When finished, stop the meeting and publish it in 1 click. Get access to live support via chat. The PC runs on Windows 11 Pro and also includes Eset Endpoint antivirus.

Hybrid mode allows remote participation in a meeting and the webcast will capture both sides. Hybrid mode is compatible with any video conferencing software (Teams, Zoom, Webex etc…) including Public-i Connect Remote. A laptop/PC with USB3, HDMI ports and a sufficient internet connection is required.
The remote audio is played on the Owl’s speakers and not on the external screen to avoid audio feedback. The audio level in the room is adjustable on the Owl’s volume buttons. A mute button is also available for privacy.

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