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PTZ camera tracking – no operator needed

CameraControl software allows conference microphones and cameras to communicate with each other – no operator needed.

Market leading software

CameraControl allows conference microphones and cameras to communicate with each other. When a speaker activates their microphone, the camera moves to them automatically and the software fades smoothly between shots.

It’s fully automated: no operator required.

Mark Breakspear – DLC Events

“At DLC Events in Dubai, UAE, we’ve been using CameraControl by Public-i since summer 2018 and have been consistently impressed with the software and the development team behind it. We integrate it into our Shure conferencing systems and have taken it around the world with us from UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to as far as South Africa and Singapore with great success wherever we use it. The development team are incredibly responsive, adapting the software to our requirements as well as ironing out any bugs that are discovered. Very happy customer.”

CameraControl has been developed with leading audio providers for the best meeting experience.

It is compatible with all leading conference microphone systems and is available with Connect Webcasting or standalone.

High production values

Cameras focus on speakers without panning.

Instead, the automated camera tracking software fades smoothly between shots.

CameraControl Creston integration

Simple operation

The software has been designed to save time. Meeting operators can set-up shots, speakers and layouts in minutes. Unlimited combinations – infinite possibilities. Automated camera tracking removes resource from your meetings.

Automated camera tracking features:

  • Easy to install, use, and configure

  • Focuses on speakers without panning

  • Automatically selects appropriate camera

  • Broadcast quality fading between shots

  • Synoptic view for camera configuration

  • Simple upgrade for webcasting software

  • Infinite layouts and seating arrangements

  • Speaker names displayed in the room

Case study

DLC Events explains on this video how they integrate CameraControl with Shure conference systems on their high level events and highlight our software’s high production values.


  • 2 to 8 Visca SDI Cameras (Sony SRG-300SE/SRG-360SHE/SRG-X400/BRC-X1000/BRC-H900, Lumens VC-G30/VC-G50/VC-A50P/VC-A71P, Avonic CM-60IP/CM-63IP/CM-73IP/CM-93IP, Canon CR-N300/CR-N500, Panasonic AW-UE40/AW-UE50/AW-UE80/AW-UE100, Angekis Saber X/IP20)
  • Blackmagic ATEM Constellation/Mini video switcher (optional if cameras are NDI compatible)
  • Conference microphone system compatibility: Bosch, Televic, Shure, Auditel, Beyerdynamic, DIS, Taiden, TOA, RCF, Brahler, Sennheiser
  • PC or laptop with Windows Operating System: Windows 11 preferred, CPU: intel i5 or similar
  • Capture card (optional): Blackmagic DeckLink MiniRecorder or any SDI compatible capture card

Download wiring schematic here

Looking to make meeting management easier?

Save resource with CameraControl

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