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In the digital age, live streaming has become an essential tool for local councils and governments to foster transparency and accessibility in decision-making processes. While YouTube appears to be a convenient option for streaming council meetings, it is in many ways unsuitable for democratic content. In this blog post, we explore the reasons why Connect Webcasting from Public-i surpasses YouTube as the ultimate solution for hosting and broadcasting council meetings.

Ad-Free Experience and Data Privacy

Connect Webcasting provides viewers with an uninterrupted experience as there are no advertisements disrupting the video or displayed on screen. Public-i ensures data privacy by not selling or sharing client information with third parties. This commitment safeguards against potential distractions, inappropriate content, or unwanted ads that may be encountered on YouTube. Connect Webcasting also offers detailed analytics and insights on viewership, engagement, and audience behaviour, providing valuable information for decision-making purposes.

High Accessibility Standards: Inclusivity for all

Connect Webcasting prioritizes accessibility to ensure that our sites comply with public sector accessibility regulations and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standard. This means that individuals with disabilities or different accessibility needs can access the information, participate, and engage with council/government webcasts. Closed captions, transcripts, screen reader optimisation, and other accessibility options are provided to make the content accessible to all, fostering inclusivity and ensuring that democracy in action is accessible to everyone. Connect Webcasting also offers the option for dual-language content and streaming.

Promoting Engagement and Participation

Connect offers a comprehensive range of interactive features that enrich the viewer experience. These features include navigation through agenda points, access to speakers’ profiles, important documents and presentations, as well as live chat, Q&A sessions, and polls. These interactive elements provide viewers with additional context and information, fostering engagement and encouraging real-time interactions during democratic webcasts.

Increased Visibility

Connect Webcasting ensures that council meetings gain higher search engine rankings by utilising the livestream metadata, including meeting content, transcripts and even vote results. Connect enables councils to reach a wider audience, driving organic traffic to council meeting live streams and archived content, amplifying their impact.

Enhanced Branding, Customization, and Tailored Experience

Connect allows local councils and governments to maintain a consistent branding and professional appearance. It offers a dedicated platform that aligns with their visual identity and messaging. With customisable layouts and functionalities, Connect Webcasting enables councils to create a tailored user experience. This allows them to optimise the interface for their specific needs, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Convenient and Reliable

Connect seamlessly integrates with existing council/government websites and systems like CMIS and MOD.GOV. This integration creates a cohesive digital ecosystem, enabling easy navigation for viewers and maximising the accessibility and reach of council/government content. Connect Webcasting also offers a dedicated streaming infrastructure, ensuring reliable and high-quality video playback during council/government webcasts. The platform prioritises performance, reducing the likelihood of buffering or technical issues that may disrupt the viewing experience.

Dedicated Technical Support

And last but not least, Public-i takes pride in providing live and ongoing technical support to clients. This ensures that they receive prompt assistance with setup, troubleshooting and maintenance, minimising downtime and technical challenges during webcasts. The dedicated support team is committed to delivering a seamless and hassle-free experience for councils and viewers alike.


In conclusion, Connect by Public-i stands tall as the premier choice for local councils and governments to stream their meetings. With personalised branding, ad-free uninterrupted webcasting, engaging interactive features, data privacy, accessibility, reliable performance and a dedicated support team, Connect Webcasting empowers councils to create a transparent and participatory environment free from distractions. Say goodbye to YouTube’s limitations and embrace the power of Connect Webcasting for council meetings that truly engage and inspire your community.

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