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We have some exciting news to share. Public-i is pleased to announce a partnership with Cedat85, the leading providers of automatic speech recognition technologies.


“Cedat85 is continuing the process of expanding operations internationally. This means selecting best of class business and technology partners like Public-i.” – Enrico Giannotti, Manager Director of Cedat85


Automatic speech recognition

Webcasting with automatic speech recognition will allow customers to have a complete end-to-end solution. Clients will be able to webcast live and on demand with a fully proofed transcription of every meeting. The service features our standard system integration (AV, committee management and social).  Importantly, it includes a correction workflow and advanced indexing and searching tools for users. We foresee the system greatly reducing admin time for Democratic Services officers.  It will also improve transparency and accessibility standards for your organisation.


automatic speech recognition


“Having a unique offering that improves our webcasting product will add value for local authorities and open the door to other markets.” – Stephane Lefevre, Head of Products at Public-i


The partnership

About Public-i:  In 2000, Public-i pioneered live streaming for the public sector. Over time we evolved. Our product has been developed to provide the best meeting experience. We offer a “One-Stop-Shop” service for all your audio visual requirements. The Connect platform demonstrates accountability and allows you to engage with more people. Public-i is now working with over 100 organisations to stay transparent whilst keeping content in context.

Automatic speech recognition

About Cedat85:  Since 1985, this collection of companies has been helping more than 500 customers with 3 million hours per year of transcription. Cedat85 provides a range of services including ASR, speech-to-text and voice recognition. Real time transcription services work in the cloud or on your premises. Cedat85 is based in Rome but operates in several countries with multiple languages.

If you’d like to find our more about this development, please get in touch. We’d be happy to provide a demo or some user testing so you can see the software in action.

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