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Have you ever thought about making Christmas more interactive? Our Project Manager, Adam Ward, has…

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Andy Williams once sang. As we celebrate the season of goodwill, a thought has crossed my mind: how could Public-i enhance my Christmas?

At its core would surely be our Connect webcasting experience. The day would be live streamed to the world. And, with Facebook live integration, I could also extend this to friends and family from afar. An automated camera tracking system would follow around the room as family members feign delight at another pair of Christmas socks or quiz book. 

I think a conference system, like our best-selling Bosch Dicentis, would be ideal around the dinner table. Features such as identification-at-seat mean the family can sit where they like without restrictive table plans. The delegate mics will ensure that everyone’s cracker joke is heard. Then we’d finish dinner with an interactive vote judging how far overdone the turkey was.

With an 84” HD display, surround sound and a hearing loop, Public-i’s AV solutions would turn the Queen’s speech into a real theatre experience that the whole family could get involved with! An automated control touch panel would make setting-up a breeze. It’d save time for letting the food go down, too.

Finally, as the day closes and we’re past charades, cheese boards, and Monopoly-induced arguments, our upcoming transcription feature will turn even the drunkest uncle’s drawl into near-Shakespearean prose.

Without a doubt it would be the most interactive, accessible Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all our friends and partners

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