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We’re no strangers to third-party integration. We recently improved our share functionality for Facebook and WordPress. It’s important to be compatible with the tools we use daily. With this mind, we started thinking about Facebook Live.

Facebook Live

Facebook live has been around since April 2016. If you didn’t know, it allows people to live stream from their phones. One of the most viewed videos of 2016 was Chewbacca Mom with 170 million views:

Since then, Facebook has added the ability to push video streams from 3rd party applications. This has allowed for more broadcast quality content to be published and shared on the platform.

Facebook Live now includes streams from sports events, concerts, comedy shows and news.

As Facebook is the biggest social media network the power of sharing means you can reach a lot of people.

We’re now giving our clients the ability to reach extra viewers through Facebook. If you want to stream your next meeting on Facebook Live (simultaneously with our Connect platform), all you need to do is have access to a Facebook Page. Then just follow our simple how-to video:

Bear in mind, Facebook viewers will only see the video and audio. It won’t include the full Connect experience (slides, speaker names and agenda points). For this, we’d recommend including a link to the full player in the Facebook live post.

Currently, we’re not able to get live viewer data from Facebook and include it in our reports. However, this may be possible in future.

Also, we need to give you the heads up about something. When the webcast is finished, the video and post will not be visible anymore. However, we do have another great feature for you:


Facebook Alerts

You might know about our automatic Twitter alerts. These can be set-up to tweet automatically before a webcast starts or when it’s archived. We’ve now done the same thing with Facebook posts.

To enable this in our Admin system. you need to go to Integrations from the top menu. Then press the “Connect to Facebook button”.


Facebook Live

Facebook integration in Connect Admin


Next, go to the alert page (in the top right menu) and add a new Facebook alert. You can then customise it to send posts on your Facebook page when webcasts have been published.

Facebook Live

Setting up Facebook alerts in Connect Admin


This is what the Facebook post would look like:

Facebook Live

Facebook Alert


Again, viewers can view the video directly in Facebook but they can also follow the link to our player to get the full Public-i Connect experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about Connect webcasting or want to try some user testing, get in touch.

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