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Seventeen years ago, we pioneered webcasting for the public sector. Our webcast meeting software was built for multi-camera installations in council chambers – an innovation at the time.

The evolution of webcast meeting software

Technology has come a long way since then and we’ve evolved with it. From building portable webcasting solutions to designing responsive players for mobile, we develop to shifts in technology and culture.

One thing we’ve responded to is changing work environments. We developed Connect Anywhere as a reaction to hot desking and huddle spaces – we were still missing something though. What about the meetings that aren’t designed for the chamber or a huddle space? What about a corporate meeting environment that requires something more discreet than a desk full of microphones?

We’ve developed webcast meeting software that answers this question.

Webcast meeting software of the future

For boardroom meetings, our software will now work with a ceiling microphone (hidden in a tile). This can capture audio from up to eight speakers around the table. What’s more, the microphone will intuitively pick up who’s speaking and auto-direct the camera to that position. There’s a little delay for softer shot transitions that gives the video higher production values. Furthermore, the webcast meeting software remembers these positions for your next meeting. You can see an example of it working here.

webcast meeting software

Celing microphone that automatically moves cameras to speakers


The video can be used for your YouTube channel or for other purposes. Alternatively, with an additional licence we can create a branded microsite for you. We believe the end-user will be find it easier to navigate the content with Connect (among other benefits). Connect webcasting also includes:

On demand archive: Staff can come back and watch the meeting for a period of your choosing. We work with clients that have six, twelve and indefinite archives.

Access Control: Conducting a staff briefing? Need to keep things confidential? The Access Control feature locks the content so it’s only available to staff with a login.

Interactive chat: Use the inbuilt chat feature to interact with your staff remotely, saving travel time to-and-from the meeting. You can also use this with Access Control for private meetings.

Contextual content: Got presentation slides and meeting agendas? Add them to the webcast so staff can view alongside the meeting. Slides will move automatically alongside the webcast.

Watch an example of the software in action here. This Epping Forest District Council webcast shows the soft HD soft transitions, automated presentation slides and more unique features.

Would you like to speak to us about boardroom streaming technology? Alternatively, want to trial streaming with our event webcasting services?

Get in touch.

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