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We’ve been appointed supplier status on the Essex Procurement Hub for another four years (until 13th March 2021). Hosted by Braintree District Council, the Webcasting Services Framework Agreement (PROC16-0133) is designed to give UK Public Bodies an easier procurement route. Looking for better value live streaming or AV? Want to avoid lengthy and expensive procurement exercises? This could be for you.

What can I buy through the Essex Procurement Hub?

The hub is for webcasting and associated services. Councils can lease the hardware and software needed to live stream at our most competitive prices. The council can also buy audio visual equipment such as conference microphones – also integrated with our webcasting software. Public-i will support all webcasting and AV kit supplied. We can also offer maintenance packages for existing meeting room infrastructure.

audio hardware / essex procurement hub

Essex procurement hub vs. OJEU process

The framework was advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and complies with relevant EU procurement regulations. This means the suppliers selected have already gone through all the necessary due diligence. In turn, this speeds up the process without making it any less effective.

With the top suppliers carefully selected, you will only receive quotations from market leading companies. These have already been vetted for financial stability, technical capacity and experience.

As most of the procurement process has been completed for you, quotation responses are based on ‘mini’ exercises. These are based on your specific requirements and can be as concise as you like. This saves you time and resource and will enable you to be up and running quickly. The terms and conditions are pre-agreed with Braintree District Council and remove the need for lengthy council-supplier negotiations. Drafted by Braintree DC – an actual webcasting council – theses T&C’s can offer assurances to your Legal team. More specifically, these are designed solely for webcasting services. This means that key points often overlooked (like intellectual property rights) have all been covered.

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How can I apply?

To use the Essex Procurement Hub Framework you just need to complete and return the below form.

Webcasting Flyer PROC16-0133

Alternatively, if you’d like a little more information and want to talk to one of our staff members give us a call: 01273 821 282.

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