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From our last user group meeting, the most popular request was for a video download button. A lot of our clients said it would be helpful if viewers could download videos by themselves. Councils are often asked for a copy of the webcast from the public which can take time and resource. We added the idea to our development roadmap.

5 months later and it’s out in the world. The download button can now in the admin area of your webcasting microsite.

How to set-up the download button

In the admin area, click the down arrow in the top right corner. Select “Site settings” and “Contact & Sharing”. Then choose “Default allow webcast download” as per below:

streaming technology news

This can be enabled/disabled per webcast by editing the webcast and going to “Advanced settings”.

streaming technology news

The Webcast will then have the download button enabled. This will show on the control bar and also appear by right clicking the video.

streaming technology news

What’s Next

Currently, the download button will download the full video. In time, we are looking to allow the video to be downloaded per agenda point.

We are committed to improving our webcasting, meeting management and focus group technologies. If you’re interested in shaping our product development – get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


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