Visionary AV digital signage

SpaceManager works with the Bosch DICENTIS wireless system to display voting results in real-time. The software presents votes in a clear and visible interface.

Intuitive control

Managed through Bosch DICENTIS, you won’t need to learn how to use more software. Operation is minimal and voting results appear automatically on screen. Detailed voting data is also available as PDF or Excel exports.

AV digital signage
AV digital signage

Enhanced display

SpaceManager has a speech timer that adjusts to the size of your display. Visible in any room size, there’s no longer a need for external timers. It also changes colour to indicate how long a speaker has left.

Simple and visible

Benefits of using SpaceManager:

  • Integrated with Bosch Dicentis

  • Export voting results

  • Compatible with displays

  • Live real-time results

  • Simple visual summaries

  • Clear visual design

  • Display individual results

  • Calculated vote totals

‘We designed SpaceManager as a way of consolidating systems. It improves the task of running meetings’

Adam Jones

SpaceManager Product Owner

Looking to simplify things?

SpaceManager makes meetings easier

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