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We hope that the summer has been successful and relaxing for you all.

We have been quiet for a while, but this is because we have been working hard in the background to improve our software. Here are a few new things that were released in Connect Remote, our video conferencing software for council meetings.

Participants can change their vote

While a vote is in progress, participants will now be able to change their vote by accessing a new vote button on the bottom right of their screen.

This will display a pop-up window that shows how they voted and enables them to change their vote if they need to.

Moderators can check voting status

The vote results tab will now have an individual votes link that enables moderators to check the voting status of each participant while a vote is in progress.

This feature does not show how each participant has voted, but does show the moderator if a participant has voted, not voted or pressed the I’m not eligible button. This will allow moderators to prompt participants who have not yet voted or might have made a mistake.

Other additions and bug fixes

  • Added : Exported voting results are now alphabetically sorted, and show participants who did not vote or were not eligible to vote at the end of the list
  • Fixed : A participant being heard even though they are shown as muted
  • Fixed : Lower hand not working properly if it has been raised by SpaceManager
  • Security : Multiple security fixes, see the full Changelog for more info

These new features and fixes will mainly affect laptop users. We will release a new version of the tablet and browser app very soon which will contain more features and fixes. Stay tuned!

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