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We would like to inform you that a new version of the Apple and Google Android app is available from today on the respective stores:
This new version (21.2.0) brings several new features:
  • A new toolbar that is clearer and should make it easier for users (thanks to labels and separation of the hangup button)
  • The ability for tablet users to share their screen. See the Apple or Google Android documentation for more info.
It also paves the way for the new web application update we are about to publish on Thursday night (14/10/21) as all meetings are finished. The new web app will allow laptop users to
  • Blur their background or put a background picture on their video for privacy
  • Also enjoy the new toolbar and a better interface
We recommend that all tablet users upgrade to the latest version as we noticed that if laptop users turn on the new background blur feature on their laptop, tablet users might not see their video after a few seconds but they will still hear the speaker.
You can check the version of the user by tapping the “burger” (3 lines) menu when you are not in a meeting:
1. Click the menu
2. Click on “Settings”
3. The app version is at the bottom right

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