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As autumn is upon us, Public-i’s working relentlessly to bring you the best solutions to conduct your meetings and make them available online.

This summer was mainly spent on improving Connect Remote (our video conferencing tool)  and SpaceManager (our microphone/hybrid meeting control tool).

Connect Remote

Here is a list of new features that are going to be published tonight (14/10/21) on our servers after all meetings have finished for Connect Remote:

New Connect Remote interface

  • added:  New toolbar, easier access to most features and avoid pressing the leave button by mistake
  • added:  Blurred background or add a picture as a background for increased privacy (only on laptops/PC)
  • added: new tile view with optimised use of space
  • added: disable everyone’s camera as a moderator
More detailed can be found at Changelog for Connect Remote and known issues
New mobile apps have been published on app stores that allow participants to benefit from the new toolbar but also allows them to share their screens for presentations.


SpaceManager has also had its additions of features and fixes to make hybrid meetings an easy thing to manage:

Participant’s list on the chamber’s screen

  • Compatibility with Bosch Wired Dicentis. This is in addition of the Wireless Dicentis and Televic Cocon compatible mics
  • Showing the remote participants list from Connect Remote on signage screens in the room
  • Ability for operator to show a specific remote participant (pinning) on the signage screens.
We would like to conduct a remote usergroup in November so we’ll be sure to contact you with an invitation once we have set the date(s).

Development roadmap

Our development roadmap is really driven by these usergroups and here is a tentative calendar of of our future work:

Short-term (1-2 months)

  • Improved video quality (HD)  [CR]
  • Increased  number of videos on tile view and better support for large meetings [CR]
  • Participants list on mobile apps [CR]
  • End to end encryption in small private meetings [CR]

Mid-term  (3-4 months)

  • Free text options for voting [CR][Hybrid]
  • Audio/Video moderation (moderators can lock members of the public from turning on their microphone/camera) [CR]

Future (5-8months)

  • Individual login for councillors linked with profiles on Mod.Gov/CMIS for improved security with an option for single sign to avoid an extra password to remember [CR]
  • Breakout rooms (split the meeting into other rooms and join them back together) [CR]
  • Set agenda in meeting [CR]
Note: [CR] = Connect Remote, [Hybrid] = HybridLink

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