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Our meeting transcription and subtitling feature is now live. It’s going to make a big difference to our clients; especially when minute taking or dealing with Freedom of Information requests.


At Public-i, user research is what drives our development.

We worked with our clients during the development of the transcription and subtitling feature, and found that officers can spend a lot of time minute taking at meetings or answering freedom of information requests. They told us how laborious it can be to wade through meeting footage looking for the right piece of information. We also heard that some clients have to produce verbatim or part-verbatim minutes, which can take days to produce and be approved. We designed the transcription feature with this research at the front of our minds.

A man's hand is shown minute taking on a pad of paper

Learning software

Our Connect webcasting clients are now able to access an automated meeting transcript at the click of a button. The transcription software is highly accurate and the software “learns”, so accuracy will improve over time. What’s more, our upcoming correction feature will enable clients to request a professionally corrected version: saving hours of verbatim minute writing. We’ll correct it for you and you can rest assured your transcripts and subtitles are fully accurate.

A screen shot of Public-i Connect administration area

Saving time with search

The transcript is searchable which will be especially useful for responding to FOI requests. The days of watching hours of meetings to find the relevant part are over: simply type in a keyword and go. We think this feature will save a lot of time and free officers up for other work.

Meeting transcription has been live for a couple of weeks and so far, the feedback we’ve had has been great. Have you used this feature yet? What did you think? Let us know. You can read more about subtitles and transcription here.

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