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Our Just in Time Voting feature allows clients to display the results of votes as they happen. This is another way in which we’re making meetings better.

How does Just in Time voting work?

Members vote on issues from their seat, using the Council’s conference microphone system. The Just in Time voting system then displays the result live on the webcasting player page. Results are shown clearly in Yes, No and Abstain categories. A total is also shown.

Viewers can clearly see the status of the vote: whether it’s ended or still in progress. People can continue to watch live footage from the chamber whilst the votes are taking place.

Just in time voting is compatible with Bosch DICENTIS systems and Televic systems. We’ll be expanding this soon, too.

Tower Hamlets Council have recently used this feature during the election of their Speaker, Deputy Speaker and committee chairs. You can see it in action here.

What does this mean?

Just in Time voting speeds up and automates the process of decision-making during debates. This saves valuable time for officers as there is no longer a need to manually record votes through a show of hands. The meeting chair can clearly see the results and announce them immediately. The system creates an accurate and lasting record of votes.

The public are able to see votes as they happen. They can also easily access records of previous meetings and votes via the online archive. This is important for transparent decision making as well as creating greater accessibility for people with visual impairment.

If you’d like to find out more about this feature, please get in touch.

Displaying votes in the room

You might also want to display individual votes or vote results in the meeting room, to do that we have a digital signage solution called SpaceManager. It works with the Bosch DICENTIS wireless system to display voting results in real-time. The software presents votes in a clear and visible interface. Find out more on this page or get in touch.

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