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We hope you had a great Easter. The Dev bunnies here at Public-i have been busy building new features to improve the user experience and bring greater engagement and accessibility.

Sync speaker profiles from or CMIS

Our integration with committee management systems is getting better and better. Here is a list of what we currently offer:

  • Automatic synchronisation of meeting data (date, title,
    category, agenda, documents, etc…)
  • Webcast showing directly on meeting pages / Webcast links on CMIS meeting pages
  • Synchronisation of speaker information and linking back to committee management systems (example)

Our new workflow improves on the latter. Instead of importing speakers one by one, it allows you to synchronise multiple speaker profiles easily from your chosen committee management system. This will save a huge amount of time after the elections because it is now far easier to import new profiles or update information.

Multiple import/synchronisation of speaker data

Default tab

The Connect player is not just about audio and video. There is a lot of metadata surrounding it, such as slides, maps or voting. This new “default tab” option gives you control over what your viewers see first, which will help viewers to see the most relevant information.

Slides showing by default on a planning meeting

Custom tab

Engagement and civic participation are the primary objectives of the Connect player. We now make it easy for you to add embedded content as a tab. This can be used in conjunction with the default tab selection to give you the ability to integrate platforms such as SurveyMonkey, or Slideshare.

SurveyMonkey on a player tab

Subtitle default settings

In order to achieve high levels of accessibility, Public-i uses speech-to-text recognition to enable automatic subtitles on all archived content.

This is easy to enable in the admin area.

We have added a new option which means that users can choose whether to switch subtitles on or off. The next time the user visits, their preference will be remembered.

Here is an example of a Wirral webcast using the subtitles:

Live subtitles

In our search for improved accessibility we are developing subtitles for live webcasts.
Edinburgh City Council are currently running a beta version of live subtitling which you can see by viewing a live meeting at
Please contact us if you are interested in enabling this for your own meetings.

Knowledge base

If you fancy giving a try with these new features, please login to our Knowledge Base where you will find all the info you need.

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