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You might have noticed that we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about our webcast transcription and subtitling service, which went live a couple of months ago. We’re now happy to announce that the next phase of this exciting project is live, too. Clients can now access two transcription correction options.

Every Connect webcast has automatically generated transcripts and subtitles. These are free for all our clients. The automated transcripts are very accurate, but they are generated by software which means that they can contain errors. In order to publish transcripts, and use them as meeting records, we know that accuracy is key.

Our clients have different uses for transcripts. That’s why we offer two options for transcription correction.

A man sits at a table with a laptop in front of him, taking notes on a paper note pad

With our self-correction option, clients can make edits to transcripts themselves. A simple-to-use Microsoft Word plug-in enables clients to make changes easily in their own time. Multiple people can work on one transcript at the same time and the plug-in retains timestamps so that subtitles continue to sync with the video. We can even provide an optional transcriber’s foot pedal to make editing really efficient.  The plug-in is available with a yearly license fee (one license per user).

A screenshot of Public-i transcription correction software

If time constraints are a problem, then clients can opt for professional correction. As long a we have seven days notice in advance of a meeting, a professional transcriber can create a verbatim meeting transcript within 48 hours of the meeting ending. This option has a low hourly fee, charged per hour of video footage. When booking a meeting, clients can use our intuitive correction booking form to arrange this service in advance.

These two correction options will allow clients to use their Connect software to produce accurate minutes: saving valuable time and resources.

Correction is available through the admin area of Connect. You can also find out more here.

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