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Hybrid Council Meetings

Linking meeting participants in the Council chamber with remote participants on video conference

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Local authorities need to function, communicate and be transparent whilst at the same time keeping members, officers and the public safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hybrid meetings – joining

physical and remote participants.

How they work…

Public-i offers a meeting solution that allows a mix of remote and physically present participants.  We call this Connect Hybrid. This works with any video conferencing software, such as Connect Remote, Zoom, Teams or Webex. Of course, it is also fully compatible with Connect webcasting.

Participants can see and hear each other:

Hybrid meeting with remote participant on screen
Participants in the Council Chamber can see the remote participants using large visual displays and hear them through the in-room audio.
Hybrid meeting remote participant can see chamber speaker
Remote participants can see a wideshot of the chamber. When a participant in the chamber speaks, the cameras focuses on them and their name is displayed.
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Scrutiny and Systems manager

“[Connect Hybrid] worked wonderfully. It’s a really good kit: really easy to use and everyone seemed impressed with it.”

Wolverhampton Case Study

Webcast your hybrid meetings

The public can watch the webcast and see both sides as a picture-in-picture. The operator can select the view that is most appropriate during the meeting.

Hybrid meeting operator can manage the meeting and the webcast using one solution, SpaceManager
The operator in the Council Chamber can easily manage the live webcast view.
The public can view the live or archived webcast on any device
Members of the public can access the live or archived webcast anywhere on any device.

Why use Connect Hybrid?

  • Enables everyone who needs to participate in meetings to do so in a safe way.

  • One solution for both video conferencing and webcasting.

  • Full support from our service desk and industry-leading engineering team.

Clients who use Connect Remote as their video conferencing tool will soon have additional meeting management tools at their fingertips.

SpaceManager manage both remote and phisical speakers queue
Operators will be able to manage local and remote microphones seamlessly in one speaker queue.
SpaceManager can manage votes from mics and Connect Remote
Operators will be able to run a vote for all participants

*these features will require specific types of conference microphones (Bosch Dicentis Wireless and Televic Cocon will be compatible on first release).

Why use Hybrid Link?

  • Hybrid Link is straightforward. One operator can easily manage in-chamber and remote participants and webcast the meeting.

  • Voting is simple and automated. This saves the time and resources needed for a manual roll-call.

  • Fully integrates with Modern.Gov or CMIS booking information, saving you time and resources.

Dual language for hybrid meetings

Using Zoom’s multi-language feature, we can also make hybrid meetings work for Welsh local authorities who require dual-language meetings to be simultaneously available in Welsh and English.

Dual-language hybrid meetings

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