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Stream Box

Plug & Play Webcasting

A simple, low-cost solution for live-streaming hybrid meetings. Ideal for small committees and district, borough or town councils.

Highly portable

Stream Box is our smallest, most portable webcasting system. A mini PC with built-in 10-inch touchscreen in a light, robust case. The system is easy to transport and quick to set up, but makes no compromise on power and features.

Inteligent camera

The Meeting Owl 3 is included in your Stream Box package. This 360-degree camera with integrated microphone and speaker automatically zooms in to whoever is speaking and provides an immersive meeting experience for all participants.

Internet access included

Stream Box comes with 4G connectivity, already configured for high-speed internet access. Optional cabled internet can be used too.

The power of AI-driven 360 camera technology combined with our seamless hybrid and streaming capabilities makes the StreamBox a cutting-edge, plug and play solution that will take your small committees to the next level.

Stephane Lefevre, Head of Product Development

Powerful features

Deliver high-quality hybrid meetings with a great user experience for remote and in-room attendees. Live stream your meetings to a dedicated website that plays on all devices, integrates with Modern.Gov and CMIS, and includes a wide range of accessibility features such as subtitles and transcripts.

Real-time support

Stream Box connects automatically to the Public-i helpdesk. You can message our expert technicians at any time to test your system and monitor your live stream. Phone and email support are also available.

Flexible configuration

A Stream Box with a single Meeting Owl camera can support up to 10 in-room participants. Add a second Meeting Owl for larger meetings up to 20 participants. Spare HDMI ports are available to connect an external laptop and screen.

Stream Box can integrate with Microsoft Teams and other remote conferencing software (Zoom, Webex, Google Meet etc…).

And it’s low cost!

Stream Box is our most cost-effective webcasting solution. Pay a low annual or monthly fee to rent the hardware and access real-time support. A monthly cost can be as low as £625.

Technical specifications

  • Mini PC with Intel i5 2.5GHz CPU and built-in 10-inch touchscreen
  • Meeting Owl 3 intelligent 360-degree camera, microphone and speaker
  • 4G LTE for high speed internet access
  • Ethernet port for wired internet (optional)
  • HDMI-in port to connect external laptop
  • USB3 webcam to connect external laptop
  • HDMI-out port to connect external screen

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