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In this series of blog posts, we are talking about different aspects of AV and how these can support local authorities in achieving digital goals. This month we’re discussing conference systems.


What is a conference system?

A conference system is a combination of microphones. They can be used for amplifying voices in a room or for transmitting sound elsewhere – e.g. through webcasting. Systems can include chairman’s units and wireless access points, too. They can be integrated with other hardware; like cameras.

Microphones are nothing new, of course, but recent developments mean that modern systems are capable of so much more than amplifying sound.

A Bosch Dicentis conference microphone

How can conference systems help to achieve digital goals?

Digital strategy means more than just shiny technology. We think that conference systems can have wide reaching benefits which can help councils achieve their wider digital goals. In particular, conference systems can make meetings better and save resources. Here’s how:

Making meetings better:

• Modern conference systems are bespoke for each setting and type of use. The result is enhanced sound quality, reduced feedback and increased intelligibility.  Importantly, conference systems aid accessibility and participation, especially when integrated with hearing loops and webcasting.
• Systems can be managed through simple software without the need to interfere with the meeting. For example, batteries can be checked and mics can be switched on and off.
• When used with queue management software, conference systems help bring order and structure to meetings.

Saving resources:

• Many microphone units include in-built at-seat-voting. Votes can be carried out simply and displayed clearly without the need for printed materials or time-consuming manual voting.
• Wireless systems can be configured in many different ways, and transported easily between rooms. Rather than buying several systems, one system can serve many rooms and set-ups: enabling more flexible working and representing a real cost saving.
• Reliable and simple-to-use systems require less maintenance than their older predecessors which can break and require costly repairs.

If you’d like to know more about conference systems and how Public-i can support your digital goals, please get in touch.

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