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Connect Audio

Audio Webcasting

Are you looking for a simple and affordable solution to webcast your meetings, without the expense and hassle of hardware installation? Introducing Connect Audio – live audio webcasting of your meetings with a laptop or device, from any location.

Stream live or on demand

Stream your message live to the public to watch on any device. Connect Audio archives your meeting automatically so that users can catch up on-demand. Content is securely hosted on a branded microsite, and you can choose to keep webcasts public or private.

Unlike our competitors, with Connect Audio there is no limit to the number of listeners allowed.

Our seamless integration with Mod.Gov and CMIS saves time and resources.

Time stamps and transcript

Your audience can quickly find what matters to them with our interactive time-stamped agenda and searchable meeting transcripts. Deepen viewers’ understanding by displaying speaker profiles, presentations and other digital resources.

Achieve your accessibility goals, save resource and make writing minutes a thing of the past with our automatically generated transcript and subtitles.

Integration with microphone systems

Integrating your microphone system couldn’t be easier. No more worrying about complex hardware issues: simply connect your device to our software. Speaker names are taken directly from your microphone system and displayed in the agenda timeline for enriched user experience.

Operator tasks such as pausing and resuming, updating agenda points and audio monitoring are simple with our user-friendly software.

Simply download our software and install yourself, or purchase a pre-configured laptop or device from us. We only charge for the device.

£40 p/hour with a £625 setup fee.

  • Branded Microsite
  • Integration with Modern.Gov or CMIS
  • Audio Monitor
  • Slides Desktop Capture
  • Live & Local Audio Streaming
  • Automatic Archiving
  • Local Editing and Playback
  • Transcription

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