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Learning, learning and more learning

By September 21, 2016No Comments

Last month we welcomed Amber Wardle to the Public-i team. Amber works alongside Alan and Roya in the accounts team, and this is her first job out of college. She’s written this blog post to tell us about her first month here, and her instructions to the reader are: “Drink every time I say the word ‘learn'”!

It’s actually shocking how much the brain can learn in the space of a month.

The first thing I have learned, is what webcasting is – which is handy as I didn’t have a clue as I nodded my way through my interview. Actually no. The actual first thing I learned, is how bloody quick a week goes once you start working full time! Maybe it’s all the new information I’ve been taking in daily; maybe it’s the excitement of getting back home to my bed as I can’t hack this 9 – 5.30 + commute business… But mostly I think it’s the whole ‘actually-doing-work’ lark I’ve been thrown into, as opposed to college.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know hard work – this time last year I was working three jobs as well as being a full-time college student studying for three A-levels. But all I’ve ever known is waitressing; catering; telesales; porter: jobs of no substance, jobs with no cogs turning up here, jobs where I learned nothing. All that time I was itching to get out of the lecture rooms; yearning for a job where I was making a difference, being challenged and actually learning things about the world of work and features of a business.

I’ve never gravitated towards numbers or accounting. so when I saw the ad for recruitment in the accounts department I almost didn’t respond. But then I thought: now there’s my challenge. And I scrolled back up that page – making a murderer or some other creepy murder-mystery probably playing on the next tab over – sipped my coffee and uploaded my CV.

And now I’m here! I’m learning, I’m doing, I’m making mistakes, I’m learning some more – it’s great.

What’s the department like you ask? Let’s shed some light on accounts and what goes on down the ‘boring’ end of the office. It’s not just invoices this, and ‘but do you have a PO?’ that. It’s not all ‘where’s your credit card statement, Dave?‘ either. Beyond that, we get to see a daily overview of the whole business. We mostly know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening, who’s involved and obviously most importantly – the only thing we actually care about: how much it’s costing us (har-har). I also get to see elements of all the different departments and what they do – which has been absolutely eye-opening for me and probably been the most interesting part of my job so far.

So basically, secretly we are in charge of everyone – just kidding.

Jokes aside, that overview has helped me an overwhelming amount in learning what it is to be a business and what’s involved within that. I’ve learned about contracts and tenders; suppliers and clients; invoices; P&L schedules, stock and fixed assets; journals; and beyond that learned a whole new software! I’ve also learned how to make my journeys productive – my hour and 10 minute commute has finally pushed me to start the book I’ve been putting off reading for months. Everyone’s been incredibly welcoming – I feel like if I’m ever unsure or even just curious about anything I wouldn’t hesitate to ask anyone around the office (shout-out to Roya who has endured 1000 questions a day and educated me like a trooper and Alan who has taught me things too through his creative and educational mumbling and rambling). It’s been such a pleasure learning each person’s position and what that actually consists of; watching everyone’s strengths coming together to provide a service so successfully.

So all-in-all it’s been a great first month here, I’m very excited to continue on learning – and if all else fails, that fabulous view of the ocean from the office isn’t too shabby and probably enough to keep me going!

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