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Public-i is evolving: product re-alignment and the new world

By June 17, 20154 Comments

   “At Public-i, we value openness and innovation, by providing digitally-led solutions that create effective engagement.”

Over the last few years Public-i has been researching, developing and experimenting with ideas to address how technology might improve the democratic process. We’ve pioneered a webcasting product and explored what engagement looks like within the current digital climate. We’ve introduced new features and exercised new ways of thinking while ensuring we bring the relevant emergent technologies into play. Part of the process has involved watching and analysing how our clients’ priorities have evolved. Paying attention to product use has allowed us to build products that are not only what people want but are truly beneficial. We understand the need to focus on the areas that are used most by our clients, and have brought more emphasis to the features that command attention. Most significantly, we’ve learnt that not all of our current users require two-way communication many simply require an efficient broadcast tool. As a result, we’re now reducing our product range into a single focused product that reflects the needs we’ve identified in our studies:

  • A video streaming, communication & engagement platform – Public-i Connect

Public-i Connect is about communicating and engaging the right audience. Its primary focus is on webcasting – without the complexity and has social sharing as standard. Looking for online collaboration? Connect can also help. Turning on our engagement package will allow clients to build deeper relationships with their users by introducing two way communication. Its aim is to encourage a culture of co-production, uniting curated social media/web content with a versatile engagement space and personalised deep search – and of course webcasting, when you need it.

So, what does this mean to you? As part of this update you’ll enjoy some new features. You will have access to a new administration area where you can create bespoke pages, add widgets and build a destination that promotes and broadcasts your message exactly how you want it to. A full feature list will be available shortly, but for the time being please contact your account manager for further details.

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