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Tim Ireland: My first week at Public-i

By May 7, 2015No Comments
A picture of man standing in front of roof tops and, beyond those, the sea.

Tim Ireland, the new Public-i chief executive.

As I look back on my first official week as CEO of Public-i it seems like a good time to put my initial thoughts down onto one of my occasional blog posts.

First of all a bit about me: I have spent the last 17 years in the world of consumer electronics often at the forefront of technology but always working with passionate, bright people. I’ve learnt a lot about software, hardware, IP licensing, marketing, sales and operations but most of all I’ve appreciated the importance of customer service.

My first reaction when meeting the team at Public-i is how passionate everyone is about what they do. That definitely ticks a big box on my list. There’s also a strong sense of doing what is right for the customer and I know that is only going to get better. Perhaps most reassuringly I found a real sense of purpose. What is Public-i here for? How does it make a difference to people’s lives? It’s not fully joined up yet but it’s definitely there and over the next few weeks I intend to talk more about Public-i and the E word and how it is what we’re all about.

Engagement – that’s what we do, it’s what we want our clients to do more of, and, in fairness, so do they, thank goodness. Engagement through discussion, social media and our core technology video – more specifically web broadcasting. That’s what makes Public-i leaders in creating the engaged citizen.

Of course engagement starts at home and I have been busy making sure I get to know all the people, not just their names but what they enjoy about life. People never fail to surprise and the team at Public-i is no exception. I’m not quite sure they’re completely ready for me but they certainly seem up for it; I know I am.

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