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User study around webcast viewing

By January 8, 2015No Comments

It’s been a busy year here in the UX team at Public-i. We have been working tirelessly and with great enthusiasm towards creating a good user experience for both, our clients and also for their clients – the webcast viewers.

Good user experience for our webcast viewers means making their experience of finding, watching and using a webcast as easy and joyful as possible. Our users have got an important purpose when they arrive on our clients’ sites and we need to ensure they can accomplish what they want to do easily, efficiently and smoothly. That way our clients’ users will be happier, and ultimately our clients will be happier.

If we create our products well for our clients and users, we make their lives happier. That’s what we believe in.

So we have been carrying out research around the experience of our users around webcasts and we want to do more!

This is a call to our clients: Please put us in touch with your users. If you know anyone who might be interested in doing short user interviews with us, please forward the link to our user database signup to them. We compensate public participants’ time with gift vouchers.

Many thanks for your help!


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