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User Group review (part one): The Customer Delivery team answer your questions

By July 21, 2014No Comments

It’s been a whole month since our biannual User Group in London. From Fingal to Epping Forest, we welcomed a broad representation of councils and some of you joined us on the live stream and archive. You can catch up with what was discussed by watching the archived webcast at the User Group site.

The day produced some exciting talking points – increased automation; using a tablet; the amazing chocolate soufflé we ate at lunch.

Our Chief Technical Officer, Lewis Broad-Ashman presented the morning session and brought us all up-to-date with the latest developments at Public-i. But it’s not all about us talking and you listening. The discussion opened up the floor for the User Group to share comments and questions to continue to influence and enhance our products and services.

We’ve captured your ideas and experiences and since then we’ve been busily working on continually improving customer delivery. And here are the results.


Webcast statistics

You said: How do the stats work? What is the difference between site hits and viewers?

We say: We now have the updated stats and measurement login, but realise there has been some confusion to what they mean and how they are represented. So, we’ve produced a handy PDF explaining how the stats work. There is also a more in-depth document for those of you who love your vitals. Lewis will be circulating these to all users soon.


Live v Archive

You said: How do we increase our live viewership. How do we direct our target audience to the archived webcasts?

We say: There are a number of avenues to explore around the question of viewership. We already have this insightful blog explaining how to reach new audiences and boost viewing figures here. The Connect Social product helps to garner audience interest. Interaction is the first step of engagement and Connect Social prompts users to login to comment, participate and interact in longer term conversations.


Staffing resource

You said: How can we provide a fully interactive webcast experience with limited resource?

We say: We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier so you can concentrate on being focussed and reactive to your live stream. From the cameras to the live tweets, automation is the key to allowing you to make the most of your resources before, during and after your webcast. Further to this, Connect Social is also a great tool for your internal comms and managing your staff resource – especially if you need to communicate to a wide geographical area.



You said: What automation developments are in the pipeline?

We say: Automatic for the people! We currently have automation for the cameras and we are rolling out Auto Archiving in Webcaster 7. We’ll be improving our Auto Tweet function, including meeting start, agenda points and archiving. On Connect Social we are developing Auto Alerts for user accounts so you don’t miss any points of interest. Unfortunately, the Auto MakeMeACuppa function failed at the prototype stage.


Auto Archive

You said: How does Auto Archive work? Can we still edit and manual upload?

We say: In Webcaster 7 Auto Archive means that with a simple click of a button, your webcast is automatically uploaded and available online within about 20 minutes! You can also opt to not Auto Archive if you wish to delay the upload or edit via Publisher. We’re also still available at the Helpdesk to assist with editing and archiving.


High Definition

You said: What are the benefits of HD? What is the cost?

We say: Not sure if you’re ready to be living the high life? We’re going to put together a HD brief to answers your questions – the main point being that the kit is more about it being digital rather than analogue. Lewis is currently revising the pricing structure along with the sales team, and we can provide a quote for your HD needs. We’re very excited to be integrating our first HD solution at Caerphilly County Borough Council at the end of this month.



You said: How does the tablet work? Will there be a downloadable app? Can it be used on WiFi?

We say: The function currently operates in the browser and is not a downloadable app. You can use the tablet on WiFi to give you more freedom and movement during the live stream. Want to know more about how it works? We’re planning on doing a practical workshop at our next User Group to give you a hands on experience with the tablet. If you can’t wait that long, talk direct to Lewis for a full explanation of the tablet functionality. The tablet is currently being used at two sites – Bexley Borough Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council.


Video hosting

You said: Can we use the Public-i platform to host all video content?

We say: Webcasting killed the video star? No! They can live in harmony on your microsite. Using the Embed Player you can stream content across your sites and host video content on the Public-i platform if you’re a Connect Social client, by embedding YouTube directly into the page as a widget.


Best shot button

You said: What have you done with the ‘Best Shot’ button?!

We say: It’s back! The function has now been migrated into Webcaster 7 so those of you who are fond of capturing the best angles can now hit this handy button again (we’re looking at you Cheshire West).


Embed player

You said: There have been issues with the Embed Player failing and the code kept changing.

We say: Bug fixed! The development team have resolved this issue so please let us know how you’re getting on. We also tweaked the temperamental code when tweeting Agenda Points. Phew.


Back End

You said: The back end functionality in the new software seems too complicated.

We say: We’ve released the ability to view the new stats application – this means you’re logging into the new backend and admin section. We have recently updated the navigation to make it more intuitive and user friendly – this will be released and pushed live soon.


For further information on our products and services please contact us at

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