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Meet our new PM Sarah. PM stands for Project Manager and Positive Mood!

By July 18, 2014No Comments

I’m just over a month into my role as Project Manager at Public-i. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat of a flying visit as I am covering PM Debbie Wheelock’s maternity leave until July 2015 whilst she is off raising a small human.

I’d like to start off on a cheery note and say my favourite thing about the role thus far is just how lovely council staff (et al) are. I’ve coordinated and managed projects within a number of media and technical industries – broadcast television, branded content, motion graphics – and you guys certainly top the chart in terms of communication, cooperation and general good humour.

Having worked on an assortment of projects in my career, I can tell you that initiation, scope and delivery is essentially the same process across the board. Now, I can add webcasting to my list of credentials and the projects are surprisingly just as dynamic. Each new installation comes with its own variables, challenges and special considerations to ensure the product is a success.

To me, that success is measured in ensuring that the installation becomes the foundation from which social change can flourish. From our perspective, that translates as having the right equipment, the right product and the right support. The daily stream of activity in our helpdesk messenger window is testament to how the proactive and forward-thinking public services around the British Isles and beyond are thriving in digital democracy. So, really I’m here to help set that up. Then we pass on the baton of responsibility and watch you run rings around your civic spaces.

Fortunately, I recently took a Public Affairs module in my part-time journalism course so I’m not too befuddled by the lingo. I was glad to learn that Scrutiny meetings and Holding the Executive to Account involves challenging policies and actions, and isn’t quite as mean as it sounds. Although, I guess that depends on where you work.

So far, my time here has piqued my interest in using media and technology for citizen engagement and the emerging culture of online transparency. I hope this temporary employment is a gateway into a career of positive action and interaction and that I can build upon what I have learnt from working with enlightened members of the public sector.

To summarise, this post has become less about my experience in my new role and more a message of admiration to the collaborative work of Public-i and YOU in being so progressive, so community driven and above all – really nice.

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