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If you're going to #localgovcamp then you should know about #networkedcllr

By June 20, 2014No Comments

This weekend many of our friends will be going to Local Gov Camp, the brilliant unconference for local government folk and beyond. It’s going to be fun – and there will be some really interesting conversations that we’ll be joining (our very own Catherine Howe and Dave Eaton will be there).

With, we think, a general awareness of the importance of elected members always in people’s minds – this year we’re making a shameless play for our own Networked Councillor programme – arguing that if you’re going to Local Gov Camp you really ought to find out a bit about Networked Councillor.

Some stuff about Networked Councillor!

  • Networked Councillor is already running – in pilot – in Suffolk and West Sussex (there’ll be more pilots joining soon) and you can find out more here.
  • The programme has been developed in partnership with the East of England LGA.
  • It’s a personal development programme for councillors that sets out to address the gap between a councillor who hasn’t thought or been exposed to the implications of an online, networked world and those who are making the most of the changing world we are seeing develop.

In her own words

But, rather than try to explain it in my own words, I think it would be better to let Catherine Howe, our chief exec, take the strain, with a video! This is the networked world, after all!! Watch the video at the top!

If you want to talk to us more about Networked Councillor tweet us (@public_i) call us (01273 821 282) and email us (

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