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Catherine at LGComms Academy – Beyond communications: engagement through to democracy

By June 9, 2014No Comments

We’ll be at LGComms Academy on Wednesday for what should be a really interesting meeting of local and central government people who work in communications.

What we’ll be doing

We’re hoping that we’ll be able to spice things up a bit in Catherine’s breakout session at 2 pm, entitled: Beyond communications engagement through to democracy, where she hopes to tackle some really interesting, challenging territory for public-sector communicators.

In particular, Catherine will point out why a networked, digital society demands not better communications but better democracy – and argue why this is an essential battleground for public-sector communicators in the future.

We’ll share with you the slides to the conference when Catherine starts speaking, and we’ll be tweeting from the Public-i twitter account from the session. And I’ll make sure a post goes up that gives more of a summary of the session then. But you can expect to learn more about how and why the networked society is changing the way people are interacting with democracy, which leads inevitably to a radical rethinking of how we do communications and engagement in the future.

When and where – how to get involved

It will start at 2pm – and we’d really love to see you there. If you’re going to LGComms Academy and are interested then please check the breakout sessions here.

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