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Auto archiving…just one part of our automatic future!

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As technology improves and features enhance the need for a resource seems more and more important!

At public-i we see this as something of a challenge and are always looking for ways to reduce resource hungry applications and operation. We have a bunch of features and integrations that deal with this very dilemma, this post is an introduction to the new world of automation!

Auto Archiving:

With the release of our new Webcaster application we have introduced auto archiving. Auto archiving does exactly what its says, it will automatically archive the most recent webcast with in 20mins of closing the application, or you can schedule archiving from previous webcasts using the publisher application.

auto archive

Having this feature gives the control back to the client, it reduces the work flow and process at Public-i and offers a more flexible approach to publishing content.

Committee Management Links:

Another huge feature and benefit for Connect and Connect Social users is our integration with committee management tools and CMIS. We have had links with for some time, and are always looking at ways of increasing our partnership, and recently announced the integration with CMIS (read it here) – we understand that reducing the amount of work for our clients is important, so naturally, we want to reduce the amount of administration for setting up webasts. We are looking at other potential partnerships and integrations in the future, share point and other cttee management tools that have web services will be reviewed and worked on through the year.

Delegate Microphone Integration:

Our Connect and Connect Social products both work on the precursor that the client wants to record and stream their meetings to help engage and inform residents who are interested in local democracy, the type of content is often produced from council chambers, council chambers will have delegate microphone systems to manage the meeting environment. We have moved our webcasting application forward so that it integrates with all the market leaders, meaning we can automate cameras to microphone selections and retrieve names from the microphone systems.


This means the operation of webcasting is reduced, with the camera PTZ control being automated. Including just in time slides (JIT Slides) as well the system operation becomes almost obsolete, we have a number of clients running the meetings without an operator with huge success. We have also introduced tablet control for sending agenda points during the meeting which can be done from any position in the room and by anyone. This effectively means the whole meeting can be managed to the levels of production expected with very little resource.

If you have any comments/questions we welcome feedback, so please either contact me directly or comment inline to this post.


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