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Product Update: STUDIO & Webcaster 7, the new world of content capture has arrived…

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Broadcast meetings to residents online. Increase openness and transparency.

Over the next two months we will be rolling out our next generation STUDIO software with a major release and update to Webcaster. Webcaster has been the staple and goto software tool for capturing and streaming democratic content from council chambers and cttee rooms. We see the huge value and potential this has and we are dedicated on improving it, the next big release (Version 7) sees a complete redesign of the interface, fully digital set up, tablet control option along with auto archiving and HD streaming.

We are very excited about the release, so this post is a guide to showcase some of these new features and a little narrative around the rollout process.

Webcaster 7 will include some eagerly anticipated updates and features, for a while now we have been promising updates to our content capture software and Webcaster 7 will not disappoint;

Flexible Streaming: We no that having flexible streaming rates is important, it allows the viewers to view the content at a rate that suits them individually and per device and connection speed. We will be offering flexible streaming live and on-demand as well as local recordings.

Auto Archiving: Publishing your live webcasts is vital to continue the engagement with viewers, having to wait for the meeting to be archived can be frustrating, we have implemented an auto publishing feature that gives the client more control over their content. (see separate post on this)

 SD & HD: Webcaster 7 has the option to run in an HD environment, either streaming live or recording locally for on-demand use later.

New User Interface (UI): We have enhanced and improved the interface so that the in software features are easier to use and navigate – we have also improved the experience of using Webcaster and given the controls a touch screen friendly interface.

Alerts: Introducing alerts into Webcaster was important, so now you know when your local disk drive is full, when people are sending feedback etc..

Accessibility Controls: Webcaster 7 now has keyboard controls to move, zoom, switch and change brightness of the cameras – you can also include a joystick to control the cameras if required.

Just In Time Slides: We know that inserting presentations into webcasts can be cumbersome and resource heavy, so we have implemented JIT slides, and will be introducing this feature as standard to all new Webcaster 7 implementations.

Tablet Control: Part of Webcaster 7 allows the operator to manage the webcast operation from a separate tablet. The tablet allows the operator to start/stop/pause, send speaker names and agenda points, update slides and preview the video.

Flexible Automation Layouts: Integration with microphone systems is important to save on resource and time, now we have included separate microphone integration per layout option.

Webcaster 7 built for DIGITAL!

All the features above are available for existing standard definition (analogue based systems) – however, we have developed Webcaster with a fully digitally native system which comes with extra heavy weight features to increase the production values and flexibility of your webcasts.

Transitions: Webcaster 7 HD improves the switching between inputs, we have introduced smooth transitions and fades so that the switching between cameras (and or devices) is smooth.

Multi Camera Preview: Webcaster 7 HD also allows the operator to preview other cameras and inputs before switching, this increases the production values as it means you are exactly aware of where each input is. A slight departure from automation, but working in partnership with an automated system you can re-align camera shots before switching.

Digital Backup: With the HD/Digital system you can backup to a digital device with out the need for analogue to digital conversion (DVD recorder).

Multiple Inputs: No more scaling video feeds, now you can input HTMI and SDI, run a video from a laptop, a digital camera any device! add new content to your production, your webcasts… add any additional information such as community video or advertisements?

All existing clients will be contacted soon to arrange the update.

And of course if you have any comments or questions we welcome feedback, so please either contact me directly or comment inline to this post.

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