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Product Update: Webcast analysis… it's here!

By March 27, 2014No Comments

Capture and record meaningful analytics from your live and on-demand meetings.

For a while now we have been promising an update to the webcast statistics package, I wrote a post back in November (view it here) confirming the deployment and update to enable new measurements and data capture against webcasts. This feature, at the time was only available to Connect Social clients, and was very much in ‘Beta’ state.

However, we have now introduced the ability for Connect clients to access this new data and visual representation via a new admin login. The admin login will essentially be your new interface to the CMS with some added extras.

Login Screen:

To access the stats you will need to login to the system using your client username and password, we have linked the CMS and this system together so you can use your existing details.


Once logged in you will be presented with a dashboard on the dashboard you will be presented with three boxes:
(1) Live Visitor Snapshot
(2) Most popular webcasts
(3) Most recently archived webcast (quick links)

Webcast Listing:

Once logged in and you choose webcast from the menu items, you are presented with a listing view off all webcasts future and past bookings, there is a date range option too so you can filter specific dates to find the webcast you require.

From here you can then click on the report view rollover:

Which will take you into the detailed statistics of that specific webcast.

Webcast listing report view:

The webcast listing report view, shows a more detailed overview of each webcast.

The columns are adjustable so you can choose specific attributes that you want to report on. Once selected you can then download a raw .csv file for general reporting.


As part of the migration we have included the webcast CMS into the new administration area, we have changed the design slightly, but currently the functionality and workflows are the same.

If you have any comments we welcome feedback, so please either contact me directly or comment inline to this post.

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