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Manage and Measure your digital footprint in one place.

Welcome to another product update post, this post is all about our ‘Member Profile‘ feature – we have talked a lot about Networked Cllr’s , well the ‘Member Profile’ is the beginning of what we hope will be the ‘digital home’ for them. Essentially is a public profile page representing data currently collected through the Connect Social platform.

The updated facility now gives a richer more visual representation of the data, including:

(1) A rich biography section, along with active social handles

(2) A network analysis graph, we have introduced this feature to the front end to show the impact and reach of  the member

(3) An activity stream, highlighting the webcasts & interactions taken place over a set period of time

We will continue to improve and update this feature, as we evolve and expand on its potential.

If you have any comments we welcome feedback, so please either contact me directly or comment inline to this post.

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