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New statistics package will bring more insight into webcasting

By November 28, 20132 Comments

For a while now we’ve been promising to update the statistics package  included in Connect and Connect Social – so I’m very happy to be able to tell you that on the 4th of December we’ll be releasing a new version. This will include not just site visits but video playbacks, helping to give us a more accurate impression of the traffic coming to a webcast.

For the moment, this ‘public beta’ release will only be on offer to our Connect Social clients, as it will be available via the Sunshine login facility that is included in this package. It means that, regrettably, we won’t be able to provide it for Connect clients. However once the new code is pushed live on the 4th all clients webcasts will be included in the statistic records and can be discussed with clients through helpdesk and account management calls.

While we’ve been sorting out the new package, we’ve been recommending that clients use Google Analytics – however in the new year we plan to update the webcast admin so that the new system is available to all. What this means is that the current webcast CMS will be migrated over to Sunshine so that all areas of management are dealt with in one place. More on that later.

It’s great news that we’re able to bring this service out in beta – as it’s going to really help clients to gain a greater understanding on how their webcasts are being used. The more we can do in this regard, of course, the better. But we will also want to talk to clients more actively – through both my customer delivery team and through the account managers – about how clients can boost their webcasting figures.

There will be more information to follow – but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll try to come back as soon as I can.

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