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Launching the Networked Councillor report – and the future

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Today the East of England LGA will formally launch the finalised Networked Councillor report – written by our very own Catherine Howe – so it’s a big day at Public-i. The report’s publication is the culmination of a lot of very hard work – but it’s by no means the end (actually, to rip off Churchill, it’s more the end of the beginning).

Reading the new report

You can read the report by visiting this link to the Networked Councillor blog. Or you can find out more about the launch – and read the report – at the East of England LGA’s site here.

There you’ll also find some interesting news about what’s happening next.

Networked Councillor programme

Later, Cllr Colin Noble will address the East of England LGA’s Assembly, and provide more details on what will happen next. He will talk about how Suffolk authorities will be piloting the new Networked Councillor programme (again, you can read more about that programme here).

Over at East of England LGA Hannah Shah has made a nice summary of the programme

The Networked Councillor programme is designed as action learning, so that councillors can build their own skills, understanding and digital footprint.  It will be delivered through three workshops.

The theme of each will be:-

  • Understand your digital footprint and current network
  • Develop skills to shape that network and manage debates online
  • Develop skills to influence your network and lead effectively in this context

Following the programme, councillors will be:-

  • Able to integrate social media into their workflow
  • Able to measure and understand their digital footprint and have made informed choices about the tools that they are using
  • Actively influencing others online
  • Actively managing their online networks and reach

This will also be supported with technical skills training and officer support as well.

If you’d like to learn more about this please contact us on 01273 821 282 or email us.

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