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The beta group's today

By September 2, 2013No Comments

We’ll be meeting with some clients today, Simon Hill of Epping Forest, Matt Misik of the Royal College of Surgeons and Aaron Robin of Brighton and Hove City Council, to talk about some of the developments we’re planning.

This is the first of the beta group meetings we’re planning around these developments, which include the R700 – the replacement unit we’re planning for the R600.

We’ll also be talking about very exciting opportunities that we’re exploring to offer audio-search to webcasts and the metrics and measurement work we’re planning.

There’ll be a bigger post, reporting on what happens, but with a small flurry of Twitter activity it seemed sensible to say what we’re up to today.

If you’d like to get involved – and couldn’t make it – this will become a semi-regular thing and we’d love to keep the conversation going online.

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