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The #NetworkedCllr conversation at the LGA

By July 5, 2013No Comments

Councillor Alison Hernandez interviewing Cllr Tim Cheetham at the LGA Conference

This is just a very quick post – probably the first of a few – about the LGA Conference, which was held in Manchester this year. I thought we should briefly highlight the fantastic conversations that were had at the conference about Networked Councillor.

Thanks to a lot of fantastic people and a number of great events, held in conjunction with the East of England LGA, a good deal of feedback about the report was gathered – and some really interesting points were made about Networked Councillor.

I’ve already said how grateful we are for everyone who took part but it’s worth just repeating that here. The generosity of spirit we’ve seen from councillors of all political hues demonstrates that, firstly, a lot of the electorate are in good and hands and, secondly, there’s a now a real energy for making Networked Councillor into something more than the report and project it already is. That’s fantastic.

Rather than attempt to do the wealth of feedback we’ve gathered justice in a post (something that Catherine is far better placed to do) I’ll just share with you the Storify I’ve started that has collected tweets on the Networked Councillor hashtag – #NetworkedCllr.

I’ve written a corresponding post on the Networked Councillor blog that also shares this, but because this is a self-hosted blog I can embed it here properly. (Unfortunately, there are problems we’ve spotted with any blog post that has embedded a Storify on it that means we can’t do this – for the moment at least.) Here’s the link .

The only other thing to say is… well… trying to make sense of a conversation on Twitter – that has many voices and as many opinions – isn’t easy. For that reason, if you’d like to help by suggesting some tweets/points this is missing, please do!

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