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Getting ready for the LGA: a sneak peek at our new features

By June 27, 2013No Comments

Next week a few of us will be at the Local Government Association annual conference in Manchester, where we’ll be talking about Connect Social’s new developments and Networked Councillor. (We’ll be at stand C40 if you’d like to come and talk to us!!)

While we’ve talked quite a bit about Networked Councillor (expect another blog post very soon on the events at the usergroup) there’s not been as much on the Connect Social side of things. That’s because we’ve been working hard on a new release of features we expect will be ready later in the year – and it’s only now that we can properly start showing it off. This is really all to do with the metrics and measurement that bring to life the philosophy of the network that runs through everything we do.

The two pictures below are just details from within the new features, including a network diagram from an updated member profile in Connect Social, below…

The network graph demonstrating connections you can find in a speaker profile from Connect Social

And this detail from a prototype gives you some idea of the display of live viewer stats in relation to speakers from within the admin system…

This image of a prototype shows a detail of how live performance can be displayed

To learn more about this watch the webcast from the usergroup, where Daniel gives a much fuller explanation of all these developments.

Of course, if you’re coming to the LGA conference you can get a proper demonstration of all of this by visiting the stand at C40, which is close to the centre of the exhibition space.

But that, of course, isn’t the whole of the story. We’ll also be busy talking about Networked Councillor. If you want to chat about that you can visit us at any time on the stand or come to one of the events…

  • LGA networking session ‘Skills for the Networked Councillor’ – 17:50-18:20 Tuesday, 2nd July. This will be a great opportunity to ask questions and discuss the practical skills needed to be a more networked and digital councillor. The agenda will be built on the day by the participants and we will have a range of social media experts – including elected members – there to answer your questions.
  • LGA fringe event with EELGA – 08:00-09:00 Thursday, 4th July.
  • LGA Innovation Zone session – 12:00-12:45pm Thursday 4th July.

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