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Networked Councillor event: Cambridge 26th October

By September 24, 2012One Comment

Picture: ‘Random, scale-free network’ by sjcockell on Flickr, available on a Creative Commons licence.

Update: this event, which was planned for the 26th of October has now been postponed. More details soon…

Improvement East and Public-i will be holding a workshop event soon as part of the Networked Councillor project that we are running.

It will be at Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall) in Cambridge, between 1pm and 3.30pm on the 26th of October. Here’s help on finding it, including maps.

The project and the event are considering what a ‘networked councillor’ should look like. We’re interested in hearing from councillors about what the opportunities and challenges the advent of new technology, such as social media, has presented for local politicians. To find out more about the project, read this post.

On the day, we’ll want to hear from people about:-

  • How councillors are using technology, specifically social media, to connect with their constituents.
  • How councillors believe these tools will affect the relationship they have with the public both now and in the future.
  • The level of ambition for using technology to connect with constituents.

The event is open to all councillors in the East of England. If you’ve not heard from us and would like to come along please send us an email, entitled ‘Network Councillors event’, and we will send you out an invite. Our email address is

Picture: ‘Random, scale-free network’ by sjcockell on Flickr – Creative Commons licence CC-BY.

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