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RIF: Jonathan Galton – How the RIF approach can help and how it links to planning policy

By July 11, 2012One Comment

RIF posts: This series of posts looks at the RIF workshops. See here for an explanation.

Jonathan Galton of Climate Consulting talked about how the RIF approach can help local authorities – and how it relates to planning policies.
He started by offering a few questions that might help local authorities decide whether the RIF approach would be of value. These included:-
  • Where does your county/district position itself in terms of renewables?
  • What planning you going to set?
  • How will you respond to individual renewable applications?
Jonathan then offered some of the questions that authorities might be facing and would need answering…
  • Numbers, not adjectives: in other words the need to put real numbers on to the kinds of discussions that are already happening on renewable energy.
  • The practicalities – the drivers and incentives and the issue of financing.
  • The people: for example community consultation and interest from the commercial and public sectors.

He then outlined some of the benefits to the RIF approach:-

  • It provides an evidence base to inform and justify an authority’s position on renewable energy.
  • Offers a clear context for planning policy
  • And gives co-ordinated action for the community, public and private sectors – with an economic argument to underpin it.
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